Our Approach

Red Ink Imports LLC is a privately held company based out of Kensington, Maryland that brings quality wines from around the world to the United States. Our company's goal is to seek out new global opportunities in the wine industry and introduce new products to our consumers that represent excellence and value.

Red Ink Imports stands behind a clear mission to offer elegant, quality wines at reasonable prices. We represent a focused portfolio of exceptional, family-owned, estate-based producers of hand-crafted wines from around the world. Our team works to promote wine education while representing global wine producers, servicing wholesale distributors and ultimately delivering the best possible wines at competitive prices to the consumers throughout the country.

Our Story

Red Ink Imports is a team of young, dynamic and highly motivated professionals in sales, marketing and operations who share a unified vision and a high standard of excellence and service. Our wines are sold through a network of distributors who have been selected because of their significant wine knowledge, outstanding reputations, relationships with the retail wine shops and restaurants in their markets, and their commitment to our wines.

As we continue to grow a remarkable portfolio of wines, we are fortunate to work with excellent producers from some of the most cutting edge regions in the world.  Our dedication to the relationship between products and consumers guides us in choosing exceptional wines to offer in an educated and competitive industry.

We are proud to take this opportunity to introduce you to Red Ink Imports.